Sunday, May 16, 2010


I've never been a blogger. I never had reason to share anything I was doing online. But recently I took on a project...

I love books. Over the years I have purchased more books than I have actually taken the time to read. My shelves would fill up and I would box up the books that didn't look interesting anymore to make room for my new acquisitions. But as I have run out of room (and book money for the time being) I made a goal to read every book I own that I haven't already read before I would buy any more. This is more difficult than it may sound. At the time I began the project I had 32 unread books. Most of them non-fiction and most of them very long. Since I began, I have read 4 or 5....but still have 30 books to go? How? People who know I love books let me borrow ones they know I'll enjoy and I read them instead of my own. Otherwise I would end up keeping their book for much too long (for example I currently have a book that someone in a college French class let me borrow...over 5 years ago.....oops).

I have also found that with some of my books I lose interest and/or motivation to keep reading.

SO I thought I would try a blog and write about what I am reading. I'll post cool quotes or thoughts. I certainly don't expect anyone will find or follow this blog, but at least it is a way for me to focus on what I'm reading.

Yes, I know this sounds very similar to "Julie and Julia" and I can't deny I may have gotten the idea from the movie. But who cares? No one is reading this anyway. However, if anyone does care about what I'm reading, you can also add me as a friend on, or as I call it, Facebook for Nerds.

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